Enjoy exclusive perks and rewards with free membership to Red Card Rewards, where you’ll earn points every time you drink, dine and stay at a Red Mist pub.

Collect Points

Present your card or the QR code on your profile using your smartphone to redeem rewards and collect points for every £ you spend in any Red Mist pub.

Earn Rewards

-£10 welcome voucher-
-Reward vouchers at points targets-
-£10 birthday voucher-
(issued 7 days before your birthday)

Enjoy perks

Make sure you opt-in to hear from us (via your profile) so you don’t miss out on membership priority access, exclusive perks, and new offers and benefits.

Red Card Rewards on mobile

Whether you are new to Red Card Rewards or you have been earning points and collecting vouchers for years, you may have some questions, so visit our FAQs page for all the most common queries and to help you make the most of your loyalty account.