Our journey to make Red Mist Leisure a lot more green

We are committed to finding ways where possible to use environmentally friendly practises, to minimize waste and find sustainable alternatives, source and implement more ethical practises and improve our impact on the environment in the long term. 

  • Increased sustainability

    Investing money into renewable projects that will replace our carbon emissions so that Red Mist Leisure’s net global carbon emission is zero (UN ratified, Carbon Credits offsetting certified).

  • Electric Cars

    Introduced car charging points at our newest pub, The Wellington Arms.

  • Green Credentials

    Choosing alternative products with green credentials as well as phosphate free chemicals.

  • Reduce

    Eliminate unnecessary single use plastic wherever possible, including replacing plastic straws, stirrers and Christmas crackers (in 2018).


  • Repurposing

    Giving away used Mozzo coffee beans as ‘grounds for your ground’, compost for gardens.

  • Energy efficient alternatives

    Source and implement sustainable energy efficient alternatives, for example LED lighting and insulation.

  • Re-use

    Source sustainable alternatives to single use plastic….reusable / washable

  • Compostable Food Waste

    Specialised food waste management and collection for composting.

  • Recycle

    Working with Chambers waste management who recycle up to 90% of what they collect.